"Best doctor period. You got it he will find it. No rushing in and out of appointment. Everyone wants Hodges. AKA Dr Zeuss." Alan - Kent WA

Dr. Hodges has a subspecialty in adolescent medicine.  Because of that back ground, he has a longstanding interest and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of eating disorders.

Eating Disorders

Adolescence is the most demanding time of your life.   You address changes in your body, your mind, your emotions, your personal identity, you evolve in your relationship with your peers and your family, you meet the educational and conduct demands of an increasing complex world.  Dr Hodges will help you understand these challenges and changes, support you in making healthy life style choices, and educate you on the care and maintenance of your body and your mind.  And if you do have a medical problem, he will diagnose it, treat it, and educate you so that you can manage, minimize, or eradicate the problem.

Adolescent Medicine

As your physician, Dr. Hodges is familiar with your medical issues.   He will see you on an urgent basis without an appointment.  Call us before going Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.  He will determine whether he can address your problem in the office or that it’s severity merits an ER visit.  He can evaluate, treat, and document injuries sustained in accidents on the job or in the car.   He can perform your sports, employment, or preoperative evaluations. 

Urgent Care

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You are never too old to receive the best in diagnosis and treatment.  Dr. Hodges will utilize his expertise in geriatrics to evaluate your complaints and provide state of the art treatment.   He will monitor your specialty care to insure that it is age appropriate.  He will help you recognize and adjust to age related changes in your body.  He will help you reduce your dependence on the medical profession and on medications. 

Geriatric Care

As a specialist in Internal Medicine, Dr. Hodges is a disease detective using the information you provide, his examination of you, and testing to identify your medical problem.  He believes there is a reason for every symptom and that with enough information and tenacity he can find the reason. He’s wired to tackle difficult problems, but knows when to refer to specialists.  He  would prefer to preempt problems by educating you regarding your physiology and proper of your health.

Dr. Hodges uses a comprehensive history, a careful physical examination, and his clinical experience to diagnose your problem.  He combines his clinical expertise with the latest evidence based medical information to provide treatment.  He will refer you for specialty care when needed.  He will continue to monitor and coordinate your care by specialty providers.  He will encourage your active participation in all decisions and treatment.

Internal Medicine

Practice Areas