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Attention to the changes age brings, the risks of polypharmacy, and optimizing healthy aging.  MORE

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I am a specialist in Internal Medicine, a disease detective. I use your complaints to diagnose your problem.  I help you fix fix it or refer you to someone who can, often a sub specialist of  Internal Medicine such as a allergist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, infectious disease doc, nephrologist, neurologist, or pulmonologist.  I am also a specialist in Geriatrics, an age defined subspecialty of Internal Medicine.  Over 80 % of the clues I need to diagnose a problem are based on what you tell me.  That is why I still adhere to the advice of Sir William Osler, MD to "Listen to Your Patient.  He is Telling You the Diagnosis."   I use the physical exam to evaluate your complaints. I may find an unexpected problem (e.g. high blood pressure)   I use our fancy tests to confirm what I suspect.  Tests are not good screening tools, but are useful to confirm diagnoses and monitor treatment.

I am happy to perform your routine physical and support your healthy life style decisions, but I am most interested in solving problems and managing your health over the long term.  I'll cure what is curable and help you manage chronic health problems.   I am trained to treat you with medication, but there is no such thing as a totally safe medication and I do not prescribe without careful consideration of the risk/benefit ratio.  I also help coordinate and monitor your specialty care.


I emphasize education. I will explain physiology, pharmacology, and disease processes so that you understand them and can collaborate with me rather than be dependent on my knowledge.

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Internal Medicine

Taking time to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and educate regarding a healthy life style.  MORE

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I have a year of Fellowship training in Adolescent Medicine and enjoy working with teens.  MORE